you can heal your life today

The process of self-healing. From a purely spiritual point, healing yourself is a type of rebirth. And while there are a number of methods by which you can heal your life, such as through love and forgiveness, the method described below, can literally impact every aspect of your existence.

The Illusion

There is a great illusion that everyone of us falls for. This is the illusion of ownership. This belief claims that we have ownership of the material world that we’re born into. This belief is embedded onto us from the moment of our birth, and quiet possibly even before.

The list of what we believe we own is unlimited. It starts with the ownership of the self, and expands outward like this; The mind, the body, the thoughts, the name. Followed by the house, the car, the relatives, the friends, the wife, the children, the job, the bank account, and so on.

The Misconception

Here is why this is a misconception. To put it bluntly, we do not own a thing. We can not own anything outright for the simple fact that we ourselves are impermanent. Our bodies, our mind, all of it. We are merely temporary visitors in this life.

While visiting, we are given the opportunity to care for others and for the objects that we come in contact with. In fact, it is our duty to care for those we meet on our journey through life. But there is no ownership involved. Just a selfless act of service for other manifestations of God.

The concept of ownership may be construed as attachment. But this is not entirely correct. We don’t own something because we are attached to it. We develop attachment to something because we believe that we own it. Without ownership, attachment does not exist.

This is why so much suffering evolves from ownership. It is no mystery that the more we “own”, the greater are our chances of loosing it. The more effort we have to make in order to keep it. Material world with everything in it does not last. This is a universal truth.

The Healing

Since ancient times, sages have pointed to the salvation from this suffering. It is the concept of non-ownership. The deep understanding, that it is the Creator that owns all, that is all. This includes our self, our life, and everything in it without exception.

Here are a few simple step you can take today to heal your life. I personally practice this affirmation in my daily life. Take notice of your thoughts of ownership. Whenever a thought of ownership arises in your mind (and this happens often), stop yourself and examine the thought. Then, reverse it.

The Affirmation

Your original thought may be: “Wow, my car isn’t running well. Something is wrong with it.” This makes you experience anxiety and concern. The affirmation would be something like this: “This car belongs to (God, Creator, The Higher Power). While I’m using it, I will repair it.” You notice, that you eliminate the words “my and mine” from your vocabulary.

By doing so, you have removed the self, and the ego from the equation. What is left is pure observation. The ownership of the car is gone, along with the emotional attachment. You now feel the calm effect of detached responsibility to attend to its repair.

You will find that ownership is a burden. By using the above affirmation, you are removing that burden from yourself. You are simply acknowledging your responsibility to take care of a car you’re currently using. This can be applied to everything in your life.

In Conclusion

At first you may experience mental resistance to this affirmation. It may take you a while to detach yourself from the idea of ownership. But if you continue practicing this affirmation for a while, you should begin to experience relief. This is the liberation from the liability of ownership. A rebirth from the old habits and thoughts.

You will find this to heal your life on many levels. You will experience comfort in understanding that it is OK not to own the things around you. Everything, including yourself belong to God. The burden of responsibility is not yours, it is in the hands of the Creator.

Live well. Vlad

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