wishing all the best for your future

I wish you all the best for your future, and here’s why. As humanity evolves, our development can be compared to the life stages of a human being. From infancy to adulthood. Now at the onset of the 21 century, we as humans are still fairly young and inexperienced. And as such, we better slow down and reflect on who we are and where we’re heading, or we may never get to experience our golden years.

I’ll keep it simple. Looking at humanity today, our characteristics seem to resemble that of a human adolescent. We are prideful and self opinionated. We believe that we’ve got it all worked out. We place our attention on enjoying our material possessions, with little concern given to the consequence. We’re still quite immature emotionally. We have little patience and prefer brute force once we encounter any signs of resistance.

As adolescents, we require guidance in order to patiently learn about ourselves and the world we live in. To consider the consequences of the actions we take today. In order to lay the foundation of adulthood, we must start to cultivate our spiritual beginnings. To embrace our deeper selves. To discover our inherent right to happiness and purpose.

I believe that in time, our technological advances will become absolutely astounding. We will have achieved the apex of technical perfection. I will not speculate on the details of our accomplishments, but at the pace we’re on now, we will equate to gods of material sophistication. Alas, it will also be our lowest level of spiritual awareness.

But it is also then, that we will begin to realize that all of our material perfection, has yet to satisfy us on a deeper, permanent level. This will be the time that we take the next step toward our evolution as spiritual beings. Science and spirituality will merge like never before. We will make strides into the spiritual evolution of our species. This is my short wish list for the future generations.

Suicidal Wars

Forsake suicidal wars. Nations of the world must learn to live in harmony, mutual understanding and respect. Insisting on being right, does not necessarily bring peace to our world. We must have a balance between political disparity and social responsibility. We owe it to ourselves to support the survival of our species.

Race Hatred

How can any one of us live in the conflict of a divided world? We belong to a single race – the human race. Need proof? Humanity is propelled through vastness of space atop of a tiny ball. Do you really think we are that different from one another? Do you believe that your hopes and your sufferings are unique only to you? The human race will survive only if it learns to embrace its unity.

Religious Sectarianism

Are we not all brothers and sisters in the eyes of God? No matter by what name you refer to your Creator, rejoice in the diversity of beliefs. Drop the boundaries of ignorance and accept everyone as children of God. All holy scriptures teach us the same basic truths. To offer love and compassion, to be morally right in our actions, to give freely of ourselves. Our believes have a lot more in common than apart.

Evils of Materialism

Humanity has made considerable material progress. In many ways however, materialism is a mere substitute for genuine human joys. In fact, we often disconnect ourselves from one another and from our own humanity by substituting it with the ever increasing material consumption. This is not the sustainable path to happiness. We must find a much needed balance between the materialism and humanism.

In Conclusion

I have high hopes for the human race. We have immense potential, and capable of fantastic strides. At our very worst, we are the worst of the known Universe. At our best, we are incomparably loving, generous and compassionate. We lay our own lives on the line to help fellow human beings. The future awaits. Only time will tell if we can live up to our fullest potential.

Live well. Vlad

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