what are values in life?

There is an abundance of sites, that list various values in life. But what may be extremely valuable to one person, may be completely useless to another. But, irregardless of who we are, there are core values that do apply to every single one of us. So then, what are values in life as they apply to the whole humanity? And, what is it that makes them so valuable?

First, let’s examine the definition of value. According to the dictionary, “value is a relative worth, merit or importance”. “The worth of something in terms of the amount that something can be exchanged for it.” Therefore, in order for you to place merit into the value, you must feel that your value is of particular importance.

What Values Are Not

Sometimes, in order to understand what something is, it is simpler to point out what it is not. We live in a materialistic world. It is a tangible world that forces us to live by its rules. Materialism is valued highly in today’s society. It promises everlasting happiness if you only achieve it.

But although we live in this material world, in these material times, anything material is highly temporary, irregardless of how much it is promoted. And by definition, in order to be of value, the object should be of a more permanent nature.

What Values Are

Genuine value is something that is permanent. Something that does not deteriorate over time. Something that is eternal. By being intangible, the object of value is guaranteed to persevere. So what then are these intangible values? They are values that are internal in nature. The main three internal values are:


The value of universal, selfless love. Love, which is offered for the sake of itself, without expecting anything in return. It is selfless, without the involvement of the ego. The love that is fully accepting and never discriminating. True love does not need entitlement. It is the manifestation of the Creator, offered to the universe as a beautiful gift.


The value of spiritual evolution. It is the timeless principle that guides you forward seeking to reunite you with your Creator. Patient spiritual pursuit compliments your every deed. Spirituality gives purpose to your life and the very reason for your existence. When spiritual evolution attunes you to God, you achieve permanent joy and peace in your life.


The value of freedom is a fundamental necessity for all beings. We as spiritual beings, require the freedom of thought, the freedom of belief. The freedom to pursue our destiny, no matter what that destiny is. Freedom is our birthright, given to us to fulfill our destiny to evolve into something greater than ourselves.

In Conclusion

No matter what additional personal values you may have in life, those inner values mentioned above are the supporting pillars of each and every human being. Without them, we would not be who we are. These are the values that hold us together and guide us on our journey.

Live well. Vlad

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