welcome to 2012

So what made you get out of bed this morning? Did you do it out of habit? Was it because of a necessity such as a crying infant or a persistent alarm? Or did your follow your soaring heart filled with joy because you were looking forward to the new day? All of these would be valid reasons.

No matter what the reason was behind your actions, you needed some kind of inspiration in order to get motivated. Without inspiration, you would still be under the covers. In fact, I find that everything we engage in, requires inspiration and motivation. Everything from a smallest decision all the way to the greatest endeavor.

We’ve entered a clean canvas that is the beginning of a new year. Not too big on making resolutions, I use this time of year for personal retrospect. This holiday season, I reflected back on the past year, specifically on the reasons behind starting Simpler Life Today.

It was quiet a journey that brought me here. Both literally, (I was born in Russia) and figuratively, see my story. To an extend, my blog was, and still is a labor of love influenced by my desire to change my life. To follow a higher path. Another reason is because of my desire to inspire and motivate others to hold on to, and follow their dreams.

Like everyone else, I’ve had my share of difficulties along the way. As a matter a fact, Zen proverb – “suffering leads to enlightenment” applies well to me. (I’m still working on the enlightenment part). There was a time of complete helplessness. Time of despair and frustration.

But, through the darkest periods of life, I held on to a single quality. That of inspiration. Above all, I maintained a believe that I was created for something more. Something that I didn’t discover yet, but that was waiting for me in my future. This inspiration, uplifted and guided me, moving me forward, eventually leading me to what I consider to be my destiny.

Exactly what is inspiration? Inspiration represents different things to different people. It is that which motivates, guides, protects and of course inspires. To me inspiration is a divine influence to move, enthusiasm to do something special, something creative. To live a purpose driven life.

Everyone of us, needs inspiration. It’s a quality that unites us together in everything that we do. It’s the starting point to any action we make. I encourage you to take the time to examine what inspires you. Then, hold on to it and never let yourself forget it.

Build on it, until your inspiration flows from a trickle into a mighty stream. Let it carry you toward your goals and your dreams. Because without your dreams, you’ll have nothing to wake up to, but a mundane existence. Perhaps you’ve given up on your dreams, or convinced yourself they were nothing more but whims of a child.

Well, wake up and take action. Wake up with a purpose and start living your life. Let your inspiration drive you away from mediocrity to becoming something greater than you are now. You owe this to yourself. Because no one can take better care of you than you.

I remember why I got inspired in 2011, and I never wish to forget it. To remain aware of it, I commemorate this post by adding a new category to this blog – Inspiration. It is my humble wish that its pages motivate and inspire all those who may need it. I don’t know what 2013 has in store for me, but today I’m inspired.

Live well. Vlad

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