travel slowly through life

A guest post by Cheryl Magyar

A meaningful existence is more than just a dream, it is a profound way of life. It is achieved not by chasing rainbows, rather by walking slowly in the rain and waiting patiently for the sun to emerge from behind a cloud to gift you with a glimpse of a wondrous sight.

We all travel at different speeds through life, depending on our intensity and intent. Fast paced activities may produce an adrenaline rush, a high that lasts moments to mere seconds, but the flame dies quickly, like a match in that rain you should be slowly walking through. Your heart will smile the biggest from fond moments of peace, solitude, friendships and everlasting love – events that take place over months and years.

Drive too fast and the landscape will undoubtedly fly by. You may not even see the brilliant blue chicory flowers a few feet from the side of the road or the ambrosia grape-hyacinths in all of their three inch glory. The big picture is always visible, the details are lost in the dust. Admire and give full attention to the unfurling of leaves in the spring, the growth rings of better years and slower ones, the morning dew underneath your bare feet and the juicy plums that endured the scorching summer sun.

Nature seems to be in no hurry, so why are we?

Slow down and start simplifying your life in a myriad of ways. Approach it from multiple fronts to unleash your true happiness (that is itching to escape) from within.

  • eat real food – no artificial flavorings or preservatives here, just down to earth home-cooked meals that can and should be shared with family and friends
  • be grateful – give thanks for what you have, no matter how little, keeping in mind that owning few possessions may induce acts of enlightenment
  • listen – to the person conversing with you, they really want you to hear what they have to say
  • look – into the eyes of people, it is not our virtue to stare blindly across the landscape, we must fine tune our ability to see(k) if we would like to understand
  • feel – with both your heart and your hands, hugging has been proven to bring about a sense of joy along with lightness of the heart
  • move – travel with a purpose, whether it is down the hall to your kitchen for a steaming mug of tea or halfway across the world to spend a month with strangers who will in turn become part of your family
  • walk – wherever your feet may take you, creative energies are often found while out on a stroll, walking is wonderful for both your health and the earth – it may be the simplest form of exercise possible
  • meditate – and give yourself the much needed time to think in quiet, without a drop of white noise, only the fir trees at your back and with the stars in your eyes

Move in such a way that your actions become the very things that define you. Deepen your awareness and contemplate, the answers will come with time.

If you have time, then the whole world is at your fingertips – travel slowly and enrich your life with experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

About the Author

Cheryl Magyar is a sustainable life designer who writes about living a simple life at home and away. Her thoughts are cast weekly on, a blog lovingly shared with her poetic husband, you can also visit their Facebook page for more inspirations of happiness and simplicity.

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