thriving, not surviving, through tragedy

A guest post by Sheila Prakash

What is the point of tragedies? Why must we endure them as humans? Is there a reason beyond the pain and suffering? Is there perhaps a deeper reason? Could it be to allow our souls to see things from a different perspective? To allow us to see things from a way we are just not accustomed to visiting during these busy times? Have we lost our way that we need these tragedies to welcome us back Home? Are we bringing these on ourselves for something bigger to be revealed within ourselves?

Could it be not only to endure anything that is placed before us, but also to learn and grow and see what immense strength we really do have within us? You might ask, why can’t we learn through joy and hope instead? Why must we be placed in such devastation to see our Truth and Light?

I believe right now we are programmed to listen with our ears and not our hearts. We are taught to see things from a lens that does not show us the Truth and our totality. We only see a sliver of what we are truly made of currently. We do not see the beauty within us that is patiently waiting to fully emerge and blossom.

These tragedies are the starting point: they are the lever that is being pushed so high and low, urging us to switch the Light on within us. We need this darkness to understand that the Light is waiting inside one of the corners to shine on the dark, to encompass it within, and to transform it into pure joy and beauty. This is how we learn and see our Truth: through the dark and the Light. Without one, the other does not exist. It is simply the way of opposites, duality, and of life. This is how we grow, fellow brothers and sisters: through seeing pain in one another and gaining compassion for one another and seeing how we are all really the same but just have different stories to tell and learn from one another.

Perhaps we can start listening and opening our hearts to form a bigger family of support and collaborations, rather than competitions and pinning ourselves against each other. We have work to do here – we have to find our Truths now. There are signs all around that this is a serious time of emergency, and I believe together we can heed this signal and listen from our hearts.

Let us use our intuitions and Spirits to guide us into the Light from within the dark. The treasure is in welcoming the dark, not avoiding it. The treasure is in the understanding and embracing of the dark. Let us feel it fully and allow it to take us to depths we have not ventured thus far, so we can emerge with greater understanding of our pain, and simultaneously, learn where our courage lies.

The way is the path we have been pushing away for so long – this is why we are where we are as a community. Let us try something new and break free from the shackles and allow our Light to shine brightly, as our grace-given right and duty.

Of course, none of this easy – this is extremely challenging and painful. But the more we resist it, the more we suffer. If we release and surrender to the inevitable pain and darkness within, the more we allow for this stuck energy to move and create room for the Light to flow through us again.

The way is following the energy and breathing through it all – take notice of where your breath begins and ends. Following the energy takes bravery that you very much have – it guides you to the most fearful places that you try to avoid at all costs. But it also leads you to the most freeing and joyful places if you continue to surrender to the energy even in the depths of the darkest places without letting the fear stop you. Use faith and trust as your companions on this extremely scary venture. Faith and trust that you will not eternally be doomed to this place of darkness; rather you will prevail, move through it, and come out of it forever changed.

We are not meant to be happy all the time, we are not meant to be successful all the time, we are not meant to be the best or richest or smartest all the time – we are meant to be authentic, we are meant to be vulnerable, we are meant to show up in each moment, we are meant to open our hearts and surrender to whatever we find there in the moment, we are meant to simply Be and to understand That is beyond good enough. Acceptance and non-judgment of ourselves as we Are act as our allies on our path of understanding and wholeness.

Tragedy can be our teacher – it is trying to allow us to see our greatness within our resilience, courage, compassion, kindness for one another, love for all, and coming together to help one another in these heart-breaking times. Tragedy is here to free us, not to annihilate us. It is our savior – let us bow and surrender to the pain and find our Light within the storm of our lives. Look within for the door to your Soul. Listen to your voice within to guide you and listen with your heart, not your ears.

We are here, not to survive, but to thrive against all odds. It is time for us to believe again. Believe with the deepest part of us that our story is not finishing – it is just beginning. And see the Light in you waiting to shine so brightly to pave the way and inspire the rest of us to embark on our own journey of pain and freedom. Believe and pray for guidance for your way back Home.

About the Author

Sheila passionately believes in everyone’s ability to open their hearts and heal their hurts in order to discover and share their Light. She follows this passion as a Psycho-Spiritual Therapist and Transpersonal Breathwork Facilitator in which she guides people on their journey of self-discovery. Learn more about her at

One Response to thriving, not surviving, through tragedy

  1. Jen B January 22, 2013 at 3:05 am #

    This is the part that truly resonated for me: “we are meant to be authentic, we are meant to be vulnerable, we are meant to show up in each moment, we are meant to open our hearts and surrender to whatever we find there in the moment, we are meant to simply Be and to understand That is beyond good enough. ”

    Just lovely. Thank you for this thoughtful, heart opening reminder Sheila.