things that make people happy

If you are here because you’re wondering what makes people happy, you’ve come to the right place. I love the subject of happiness. I imagine that’s because happiness means so many different things to different people. For adults it may be the feeling of being loved. For a child it’s a new toy or a puppy, and for a blogger it may be receiving a kind comment! The list goes on and on… Things that make people happy, vary from one person to another and from one moment to the next.

Are you interested in a permanent state of happiness? Is that even possible? Does it even exist? Earlier in my life, I remember experiencing moments of happiness, followed by feelings of sadness, and even slight depression. Often, opposite emotions were caused by the same source, such as a relationship, or even a reaction to something that happened at work. No matter how much I desired to be permanently happy, I was unsuccessful.

I read books, studied meditation and consulted career coaches. But no single source or practice gave me the enlightenment I was seeking. During the time of my greatest desperation however, my efforts were finally rewarded, as you can read about in “my story”. My realization brought me closer to understanding myself and the world in which I lived.

I finally understood, that what I thought made me happy, was actually nothing more but fillers. It was a patch-up job that I’ve created to help myself keep going. It wasn’t a permanent solution. It couldn’t have been! Because anything that’s outside of us, is just an illusion. If you’re interested in finding the state of permanent happiness, then you have to start by taking a closer look within yourself.

Discover Yourself

I want to emphasize that true, lasting happiness is something that we as humans crave from the very beginning of our lives. What’s important to realize, is that happiness is synonymous with self-discovery. That’s right, if you want to be happy, you must find out who you are. However it’s easier said than done. Here’s why; All of our life, we’re conditioned to forget who we really are.

We are born into this world, possessing all of the necessary knowledge to follow our purpose. Everyone has a purpose. I repeat, absolutely everyone has a purpose in this life. This purpose is the reason we are here. But guess what? Our purpose becomes obscured by our exposure to the environment and the external elements which surround us from birth. I am referring to the society, our families and culture.

Don’t get me wrong, I have respect for just about everyone and everything. But rarely does our environment help us get to our destiny. It may be because part of our purpose is to fight for it, to persevere, to work out our karma. Whatever the reason maybe, it’s what we must do, it’s a part of the process. And through this process, we become stronger.

Childhood Dreams

When you were young, you had an inspiration to become something important. You enjoyed certain activities because they made you feel good. You felt comfortable in certain places, while hated others. These clues from your youth, can give you important insights about yourself. They offer answers to who you were meant to be and what you were meant to do. Remember how clear it was to you then, before time washed it away?

Look back and identify what made you happy as a child. Not necessarily who you wanted to become, more importantly, how it made you feel. For example, you don’t have to be a doctor to heal people. You don’t have to become a fireman to save people. It’s your intent to heal and save that’s what matters the most. It’s your desire to make a difference, to make someone happy that tells you what’s most important to you.

And that’s where happiness comes from. The feeling you had as a child, the desire to make a difference in other’s lives. The satisfaction that comes from knowing that you’re following your life’s purpose. And when you’re doing that, even the bad days don’t seem so bad. When you’re following your destiny, you’re playing out your role in life to its fullest.

In Conclusion

It’s a work in progress. In other words, just by knowing what your purpose is, you’re already greatly enhancing your life’s experience. The road doesn’t have to be smooth or easy. It just has to have a meaning, to be understood. Your purpose must shine through, leading you ahead. It’s your beacon, your guiding light. And even if you don’t reach it in this life, you will be that much closer to it. Your life’s experience will be that much more satisfying and rewarding. And isn’t that what happiness is all about?

Live well. Vlad

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