the power of giving

There is much talk about the problems in the world today. The global economy is shaky at best, and the governments and economists are scratching their heads. The outlook is bleak. How did we get to this point? There are many answers and theories regarding this. Allow me to present a possible solution called the power of giving.

The explanation to our crisis is deeply rooted in human nature. It begins with our society’s propagation of the “me and mine” way of thinking. We are a selfish society focusing on gaining and retaining our material possessions, holding on to what we consider to be ours. This approach is wreaking havoc on us, both as individuals as well as on the global level.

Today, we are beginning to understand, that money is a form of energy. Amassing and hoarding wealth, restricts the free flow of this energy. Energy that is meant to circulate and be exchanged. This energy is a conscious force. The more it is exerted, the more powerful it becomes. It is the power of giving.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t allow this natural process to occur to its full potential. Certainly, the money is allowed to circulate to some extent. In such venues as the stock market and other investment vehicles. Usually however all moneys are offered conditionally, in hopes of receiving direct gain. We are far removed from the proverb: freely we have received freely give.

In addition to material wealth, let’s examine some of the other forms of energy that should be exchanged. These are love, kindness and self giving. These things are free, and do not cost anything. The benefit of offering these energies to others is substantial.

What is important to consider here is that when we offer to others, when we give of ourselves, an exchange of energy occurs. It is a universal principle. In this exchange, the giver receives back in return. It may not come back from the same source or in the same form, but it is assured to happen.

This kind of giving should not be restricted to just close friends or family members. It is for the whole world to use, for strangers and even for those whom we may not particularly like. The flow of energy is the supreme motivator. Once you begin to give, to offer yourself, you will understand the beauty of this process.

It is not a simple thing to do. To those of us who have been conditioned by life to restrict their wealth from circulating, the first steps will be tough. But the restriction that we imposed on ourselves, is costing us dearly today. Learn to freely offer your wealth, together with your love, and even with yourself.

Once we as a society learn to give, we will be at the dawn of a new age when the universal principles of energy exchange are practiced and encouraged. Beginning with the individual, and all the way to the global economy, will we begin to reap the rewards that can only come from sharing.

In Conclusion

To summarize my point, don’t be afraid to give freely. If only the countries of the world learned to offer each other their wealth, their love and themselves unconditionally. Our mutual economic condition would greatly improve. Followed closely by the balance in the global political arena.

Live well. Vlad

4 Responses to the power of giving

  1. farouk August 2, 2012 at 3:01 pm #

    once we start giving and get over our greed people will respond to us with kindness
    thank you so much

    • Vlad Rapoport August 2, 2012 at 4:31 pm #

      Thank you for the comment farouk.

      I think the other side of giving is “letting-go”. Letting go of possessions by giving, letting go of self by loving. Good practice to learn!


  2. Christopher Foster August 2, 2012 at 9:14 pm #

    This is a beautiful post Vlad. Well done. The key to true happiness for us individually or for our world is truly in our own hand — giving in the way you have eloquently described. It is the path to bliss. Thank you for your message.

    • Vlad Rapoport August 2, 2012 at 11:38 pm #

      Hi Chris,

      That means a lot, thank you. Yes, we do hold the tools to be happy in our own hands. I hope that one day we learn to apply them on both, individual and global levels.

      Peace to you always.