the love within us

A guest post by Sheila Prakash

Where is love? And why is everyone always searching so frantically for it? From trying to receive it through your kids, to your parents, to your partner, to your imagined fantasies that play on an endless tape in your head, and so on. Sometimes it may seem hopeless that we will never find it.

It seems as if we are always trying to search for this impulse that is secretly hiding within us and always has been. It is as if we are going through this maze in the outside world and never realize that it sometimes leads to a dead end or a vicious cycle that we continuously choose over and over again – in these moments it might be helpful to awaken to the fact that we are on the wrong path, for the love we need to connect to is actually within us.

It is the maze within us that we must embark on, rather than solely focusing on the labyrinth in our outside world (the relationship that isn’t working, the boss who is so mean to us, our best friend who doesn’t understand us, etc). The confusion of the labyrinth outside of us is simply a reflection of our confusion inside of us.

Within us the maze is difficult and challenging at times as well, but this is the path that is truly worth walking on. For it is the one that leads us back to where our home lies, where our love is waiting. It allows us to understand why we do or think certain things and how sometimes our defenses are not helping us anymore but instead are hindering us to feel and accept love.

Remember when we were very young and everything seemed so effortless and easy? It was and you know why? We were always connected to this evolutionary impulse of love – there was no other way of living because we inherently knew we came directly from our Source and realized this truth so clearly.

But as we grew and started listening to everyone around us telling us how to live and what to do to reach ‘success’ and gain happiness, we gut-wrenchingly left our Truth behind for the hope that we would be accepted by these other people around us. We want so desperately to find love with them but at what cost? The cost of losing the love within us?

I believe if we were all connected to that piece within ourselves then we could easily connect through this abundance of love among us all. But when we give it up for the search of love only outside of us, we seem to lose our way and find ourselves lost within and among each other. I’m not saying we cannot find love outside of us – but perhaps the love will be easier to attract if we are already filled with the love within us first.

Sometimes we get married in hopes of finding that one person in the world that will give up everything just to make us happy and fill us up with all that love that we chose to leave behind when we were younger. And when it doesn’t work, we then choose to get mad at them as if it is their fault that we cannot feel the love. We start to doubt if we are even worthy of this love anymore. We think perhaps it was never ours to begin with and we let the outside maze of life convince us that what we have is what we deserve.

But no! We are not to settle for this mediocrity for there is a wonderful and beautiful heaven within us, just waiting to be found. We need to reconnect to our Source as we did when we were children. If we stop now, we lose everything. We lose hope, we lose Light, we lose each other, we lose our humanity, we lose Love. By lose I mean we lose the opportunity to uncovering it all within us – for none of these are truly lost for they are our Truth.

This journey (as most) can only be taken at one step at a time, so find the courage in this moment to take the step you need to begin to unravel the maze within you. Simply follow the impulse you did as a child – follow your inner guide to show you where the open doors are or how to unlock the doors that seem so shut.

The key is in the present moment and accepting – without judgment – whatever you find here: if it is sadness, allow yourself to feel the sadness; if it is anger, allow yourself to express your anger in a healthy way; if it is confusion, allow yourself to accept the confusion rather than immediately wanting to get rid of it and wanting clarity instead; if it is joy, allow yourself to feel the joy running through you without trying to grasp it forever or focusing on the fear of losing it, and so on. Follow your energy to discover your authenticity and freedom in the moment. Arrive to the Now and allow your Self to guide you to your immutable Truth: Love.

About the Author

Sheila passionately believes in everyone’s ability to open their hearts and heal their hurts in order to discover and share their Light. She follows this passion as a psycho-spiritual therapist and wishes to help people on their journey of self-discovery. Learn more about her at

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