the answer to how to figure out what to do with your life

There are few things more frustrating than to sense that you’re life is not going the way you want it to, and yet not knowing how to figure out what to do with your life. My realization came to me after many years of confusion and suffering. You can read more about it in my story.

What I’ve learned about myself during this time, is that there is no magic pill, there is no special button to push. But there are the right circumstances and the right state of mind to get you the answer. In my case, I attribute the answer to the Divine Intervention. I had no clue how to get out of the rut I was in. I was simply quite desperate and receptive to the answer.

That extreme desperation led me to the right state of mind. So perhaps, in my case it was enough. But in order to consciously achieve the same result, to initiate the process without having to wait for it to come to you, consider the following.

1. Being Smart

Being smart has nothing to do with it. In fact, as it’s usually the case, the answers come from your heart and not from your brain. The knowledge and the information that we accumulate starting with grade school may have its place in the material world, but hardly applies to the matters of intuition.

Much of the suffering comes from the mind. It takes shutting down the mind and focusing on the heart to make the important decisions. The permanent answers, the revelations that really count. Rather than analyzing life in your mind, practice developing intuition and unfolding your heart to the unlimited possibilities.

2. Being Afraid

Fear is the greatest enemy of the truth. Because fear blocks us from executing our decisions. When we let fear run our lives, we instantly place ourselves at a disadvantage. We find justification why we should not undertake necessary actions or take chances. When guided by fear, we freeze in the face of the unknown, of the new, of the unexpected. But life is just that.

Don’t allow fear to rob you of new opportunities, no matter how unexpected. You’ve got to take chances. You’ve got to get out of your comfort zone, to shed your inhibitions. To welcome the unknown.

3. Why It Works

For the purpose of our exercise, we will rely on what’s called universal consciousness. Simply put, it means oneness with everything and everyone in the universe. The conscious connection which exists between everything in the cosmos offers many answers, that would otherwise be unavailable to us on our own.

When you open yourself up to the universal consciousness, you allow yourself to tap into the universal wisdom, which is the source of answers to every question that can possibly exist. You’ve heard the saying that God only challenges you with as much as you can handle? And that there is already a solution to any problem? Well, these are all examples of the universal consciousness.

Indeed, there is already an answer to every question you will ask. Your job is to have to form the complete question, and be receptive to the answer. When the circumstances are right, and the time has come for you to find your purpose, there is nothing to hold you back from finding the answer.

4. Are You Ready?

Wouldn’t it be great if at a push of a button, you could instantly figure out what to do with your life? Well I’m going to show you a way to figure out what your purpose in life is, without spending countless hours and many dollars with a life coach or a career counselor.

Answer this one question: If you could do anything at all in life, regardless of how much it paid or what others, such as your family and friends thought of it, what would it be?

Did the answer put a smile on your face? If it did, then you’re done. Period.

If you expected dozens or hundreds of questions, forgive me for the simplicity. There really is but only one answer, therefore only a single question is required. If however you are at a place in life, when you are not completely ready for the answer, don’t worry. The answer already exists, you need but to receive it.

In Conclusion

If it sounds simple, that’s because you already had the answer. You just needed some inspiration to remember it. Next comes the hard part. Next you’ve got to implement what you’ve learned. To figure out the reasons why you want it, to trust in yourself and the Higher Power to eliminate any fears you may have associated with it, and to boldly move toward the goal.

Live well. Vlad

2 Responses to the answer to how to figure out what to do with your life

  1. Nneka, Working Mystic June 20, 2012 at 5:51 pm #

    Hi Vlad, what helped me was picking something that seemed even just a little bit better and doing that consistently for more than 3 months. Then, I picked another things, and another. I just kept experimenting. I keep experimenting. For me there is no silver bullet for the one thing I would do if no one were watching and if I didn’t have to worry about money. It is ever evolving.

  2. Vlad Rapoport June 20, 2012 at 7:35 pm #

    Hi Nneka,
    I like your methodic approach. Indeed everyone is different, and we must all find what works best for us. Experimenting is also very useful. Ultimately, to avoid sounding trite, the reward is in the journey!