the 3 spiritual laws i mastered by moving back home

A guest post by Lisa Tully

“If you think you’re enlightened go spend a week with your family” ~ Ram Dass

Are you stuck in a living situation that is draining you of your sanity and well being? Searching for a way out or at least a way to cope till better times arrive?

Picture this… I was living in London coming up to 8 years and it had been in the last 3 years that I wanted to get out of that concrete jungle & back home to Ireland but was I tied. I owned two properties, I had two cats.

Most of my adult life was spent living in London so consequently my spiritual family are there.

But I didn’t realize this at the time & how much losing them would cost me. All I wanted was to be back near the sea & have a greener environment to live in where there was less violence. So I blindly started to unhook from my life in London.

I put both my properties on the market and set them up to be rented in the meantime. I arranged for myself, my belongings & my cats to be transported over the Irish Sea. When I reflect back I realize there was so much going on I didn’t see past my exit date.

In this rush to move back I forgot the reasons I left in the first place. Our family life was a chaotic one and the only thing that had changed about that was my relationship to it.

Having my two cats made the move more difficult. It meant I had to rely on the help of others to get a foothold before I could find my own place. Consequently I ended up staying with one of my family members.

And that was the first lesson moving back home taught me: we don’t need anyone in particular we need everyone.

Ultimately I was asked to leave, with nowhere to go. But of course the cats were welcome to stay. However things blew over as they do and as scared as I was I stayed. But the second time this demand was made leaving really was my only option. I simply had to get out of harms way.

But this meant I was finally separated from my furry friends for months with no access to them. And it was in that dark hour that I felt the deep void of leaving my spiritual family behind.

This was the second lesson moving back home taught me: blood is thicker than water, but spirit is thicker than blood.

The magnitude of the situation I was in, that I had unwittingly put myself in, caused me to go into hermit mode once I got my own place. I just didn’t want to face anyone.

Even my friends whom I grew up with, didn’t fully understand where I was coming from. Why I expected more now.

So I learned lesson number three: to only share with those who genuinely understand.

What else did I learn? I learned to love and appreciate my spiritual family even more. I learned that I needed to lay down some serious boundaries for I was not the girl they once knew, I was a spiritual woman now.

And I learned that I needed to let go. To not judge. For that was more draining than anything else. I say that as I needed to be my own friend for a time. Till I found my extended spiritual family. And if all I had to say was judgments and harsh words then I had no chance.

It is over a year now since I moved back and things are varied. Some are still determined I remain as that girl they once knew. Some are no longer a part of my life so there is room for something new.

I am re-connecting with my ancestors, my roots, my land. I have new friends in my life that I can talk my Irish brogue with and fall around the place in laughter. That I can discuss my spiritual beliefs with openly.

The thicker flow of spirit is carrying me once again. I can feel it.

If I had to do it all again what would I tell myself? Don’t look to your past for your future. And I say the same to those of you in a similar bind. Honor yourself. Honor the work you have done. Honor your spirit and spirit in turn will honor you, in all that you do.

Trust in the spiritual laws: we don’t need anyone in particular, we need everyone; blood is thicker than water, but spirit is thicker than blood; share with those who genuinely understand.

And breath into the uncertainty of it all, for that is where anything can happen. That is where the magic of manifestation lies.

About the Author

Lisa Tully ditched the corporate world a few years back and headed to India on her last few sheckles. She had a burning desire to see the Dalai Lama in person and learn from him. Blown away by the Tibetan culture she was simultaneously overwhelmed by profound inspiration for what she should do for her next job incarnation! Fast-forward past some serious doubts, the odd flood of tears, and nothing short of a few miracles—she now runs successful spiritual group tours to Dharamsala & Ladakh in Northern India. Lisa loves nothing more than to take folks to experience the exact same life-changing trips she did. Visit her site here & join the adventures!

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