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We want to hear from you. Simpler Life Today is a Personal Development Community. We share a vision of a simpler, more spiritual and meaningful life. A life that begins with each one of us.

In this spirit we invite you to tell us your own unique story, your thoughts, ideas and experiences. Tell us about your inspirations and challenges, big or small.

You can provide information about yourself or be anonymous if you wish. Please join us. Everyone is welcome to contribute to Simpler Life Today based on the following guidelines:

The Guidelines:

  • Length – 500 words minimum.
  • Be Original – Please only submit personal, original content that has not been published anywhere else, including on your own Blog. You can check for duplicate content here.
  • Story – Start the article with a story that draws us to the point of the article using your personal experience.
  • Heart – We want writing that comes directly from your heart. Raw, honest, and authentic. Share with us your inner feelings and thoughts. Show us the real person inside. Show us who you really are.
  • Wisdom – Include lessons and wisdom you’ve learned through your experience. Share with us lessons and useful ideas that can improve our own lives.
  • Clarity – Emphasize a single, main point. Get to it quickly and directly.
  • Less is More – If you can convey the same meaning using fewer words or more direct phrasing, do it. Keep the sentences short and concise.
  • Short Paragraphs – Try to keep paragraphs short, between 2 and 4 lines.
  • Bullets and Numbers – Where appropriate, use bullets and numbers to organize. It makes it much easier to communicate ideas clearly.
  • Unique – Differentiate your post from others already on the site. Many posts cover similar ideas, and that’s fine. If you share your own story and unique reflection, this will be sufficiently diverse.

How to Submit:

  • Documents can be submitted in any popular format. They may get edited to match the style of the site. Please do not include links in the submission body.
  • (Optional) At the end of your post, please include a short bio about yourself. You can include up to 2 links back to your site or blog.
  • (Optional) Include the email address you use for your Gravatar for the photo next to your author bio. If you currently don’t have a Gravater, you can create one here for free.
  • Email your post to: vlad(AT)simplerlifetoday(DOT)com. Please only submit one post at a time.
  • Write “Submission for SLT” in the subject line.
  • Not all submissions will be posted. Please don’t take it personally or be offended if we don’t feature your writing.

By submitting, you are giving us permission to edit and publish your writing on Simpler Life Today and possibly include it in future compilation eBooks.

It may take up to two weeks before you receive a response, but rest assured that we will respond to everyone who submits. Thank you for taking the time to share your story by contributing to Simpler Life Today.

If you still have any questions, please submit them here.

Live well. Vlad