are you spiritually fulfilled?

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How are you? Are you content, at peace, centered and happy with your life? There are so many people on this planet who will answer “no” to these questions. In fact most people will say it. But why is that so?

Certainly, there are numerous factors affecting the way you feel. These factors are social, financial and psychological. And if you say that many of these factors are outside of your control, you will be right. There is a plethora of outside influences affecting you today.

There is so much in life that you are unable to control. The appearance of control is an illusion. Chasing control will only lead to more suffering. The universe is naturally in a state of constant change. This flux and instability are integral parts of life.

So how can you achieve the happiness and peace that is just outside your grasp? The modern world teaches us that happiness is in material progress. It’s in the newest, fastest, biggest and the best. It’s in the things that entertain our senses and make us feel better about ourselves just because we own them.

Scientific progress, promises to make us happier, healthier and longer living. It can determine the color of our children’s eyes and their IQ. Soon we may be able to grow artificial limbs and perhaps immortality itself is within our reach.

So why is it then, there are so many of us living lonely, unhappy lives that are deprived of purpose? Why is suffering so prevalent in so many hearts? The answer is the same, as it has always been. It is the internal that brings you to your salvation, not the external.

It is not elsewhere, outside of the self. It lays much closer, right at your core. But if you don’t practice seeking and nourishing it, it can easily dissipate. Leaving you spiritually unfulfilled. Leaving you an empty vessels, constantly searching for new ways to get filled.

It doesn’t have to be so. Seek your joy and spiritual fulfillment in the stillness of your heart. Find it in the quietness of your mind. You are a visitor here, in this body, on this Earth. You’re here to observe, reflect and evolve. Remember what you are.

Don’t get sidetracked by the bells and whistles of this material world. It is not your final destination. Take it in stride. Live, laugh and love. Be kind to your fellow travelers on your journey, you may bump into them again someday.

I can not tell you what path to take, or the name of a book to read. I can not tell you what “your” way is. I can only remind you that the adventure of finding your way, is what this life is all about. I can tell you that it’s the only thing that will matter in the end… And, in the beginning.

Live well. Vlad

2 Responses to are you spiritually fulfilled?

  1. noch November 29, 2011 at 2:12 am #

    that’s all so true – and i think there is no one way, as in spirituality can be a mixture and combination of ideas / religions / practices one subscribes to. when i was younger i used to think Christianity was the only “right” way. slowly i realize that spirituality is more than religion, and that nothing needs to be mutually exclusive to each other. i find my spirituality in Buddhist teachings, Taoist teachings, ancient Chinese literature, practising calligraphy and the Bible…. well so far still exploring :)

    • Vlad November 29, 2011 at 2:46 am #

      Hi noch, Thank you for visiting! I appreciate all of the teachings you mentioned. Personal spirituality transcends religion and dogma. We all have our own unique way. And I doubt if there will be two that are exactly the same. Take care! :-)