learn to reconnect with yourself

There was a time in my life when for a period of three years, I had a very demanding job. In fact, the job was so demanding, that it occupied my mind almost non stop, days and even nights. During this time, unknowingly to myself I became what I call “disconnected” from my body.

Two things happened, one is that I became completely stuck in my head, preoccupied with solving ongoing problems at work, withdrawing all of the energy away from my body and focusing it entirely in the mind. Number two, I completely stopped all physical exercise, going to Pete’s Coffee several times a day became my exercise routine. This further withdrew my attention from the body.

The worst part is that I was unaware that I was doing this to myself. I was going about my business not realizing that my entire attention has been removed from the body for so long, that I was now disconnected from it. This caused me to gradually begin accumulating injuries that I would otherwise have avoided.

At first small, insignificant injuries and minor ailments such as frequent colds. Gradually increasing in intensity and finally expressing as a torn rotary cuff and a twisted knee. I was getting hurt more and more. My body was crying out for my attention, trying to let me know that without my love, it was beginning to disintegrate.

You have to reconnect with yourself. This bond assures that the life force within us continues to circulate, nourishing the body, protecting and healing it. The stronger the bond, the better is our health. Before it became too late, I resorted to the practice of Yoga.

This practice, rusty and uncomfortable at first, reunited my mind and the self with my body. It circulated the life energy throughout my dilapidated organs and limbs, rejuvenating and repairing them. I was once again in touch with my physical self. My health dramatically improved, bringing with it a long forgotten sense of well being.

Today, my Raja Yoga practice, consists of only five to six asanas (postures) per day. The time commitment required for these postures is less than 15 minutes. I recommend this practice, or one similar to it, in order to maintain a healthy relationship between you and your bodily home. Even if you’re not disconnected from your body, it will greatly reinforce your existing bond.

Live well. Vlad

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