our present future

A guest post by Sheila Prakash

When a child gets bullied, what does he or she learn? When a child hears “not now”, “just shut-up”, “you are so irritating”, what does he or she learn? When an adult gets verbally, emotionally, or physically abused, what do they learn? Simply said, they learn ‘I am not worthy’, ‘I am not good enough’, and ‘there must be no love within me’.

Why do we do these things to the people we say we love the most? Why is there so much hurt and hate within us and around us? Where did we lose our way? When did kindness start becoming the aberration in our daily life? Something does not seem right with this picture…

It is time now to change, to shift, to look within for our truth and original goodness. We must find our way back to wanting to help and to see ourselves within one another, otherwise we will lose ourselves….both individually and collectively.

Recently, I hear many people telling me that they are staying in relationships that are harming them for hope things will work out and because they need to believe and have faith in ‘true love’. Blind hope and faith are not the road to healing, growth, and love – it depends what the hope and faith are in.

Hope in destruction and dysfunction is only giving more energy to what is less than our potential. We must find hope in our Light and our strength to lead us to our true nature and divinity. We have to be conscious and full of care in what we put our hope and faith in – let us begin to have Faith in our power and beauty in this moment rather than Faith in the circumstances that seem to rob us of our Light and essence.

If we continue with our eyes fogged and our hearts closed, we will teach our children to continue to give themselves up and believe they are not worthy and not good enough and there is no love within them. In this way, we create the path and foundation for our future of humanity to have hope and faith in our shadow and our darkness.

Is there a way to unwind the already twisted road we are on? Of course, we always have a way to find our way back – that’s the beauty of this thing called Life.

When you least expect it, the dark horse which seemed he would never win the race, bolts past the rest of the group as if he just finally saw himself in his truest essence for the first time and now understands he can and is the winner of this race. We can be that dark horse together. We can come back and see ourselves in our truest essences and use this united love to shine.

So, are we all living in complete darkness right now? Of course not – there seems to already be a major shift towards a kind and loving present future, but I don’t think the shift will be enough by itself. We need to start taking individual responsibility for our part in this overall wholeness. I think we all need to somehow find a way to ride this wave and become one with it.

As Gandhi once said, “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world, as in being able to remake ourselves.

How do we do that? Simple yet not easy – we need to find the part of that wave that lives inside of us first, and I honestly believe it is in each one of us. But, we are not going to discover it where our greed and jealousy lie, not where our insatiable desires lie, and definitely not where our false sense of selves lie; rather, it’s where our calling and purpose lie, it’s where our sense of spirituality lies, it’s where our kindness and open heart resides.

We must bravely face our darkness and shadows as opposed to continuing to allow them to unconsciously lead our lives. We can use the Light of our true self to shine upon our truth and learn to surrender to its guidance.

If we begin to uncover this wave of power within, the collective wave will only grow stronger and stronger with complete abandon. We will begin to understand how we are already finding our way back to our original goodness and love throughout this unfolding of our truth.

We will no longer have to make excuses for our pain and circumstances – we will no longer have to think about gratitude and kindness as being things we check off our list of things to do. Instead, they will be effortlessly flowing from us because we will have seen how we are all a reflection of each other and how we all live within one another.

Let us begin to live with hope and faith in compassion, kindness, and loving connection. Let us teach ourselves and our children “we are worthy”, “we are good enough”, and “there is an abundance of love within us”. Let us build our present future with our eyes clear and our hearts open.

About the Author

Sheila passionately believes in everyone’s ability to open their hearts and heal their hurts in order to discover and share their Light. She follows this passion as a psycho-spiritual therapist and wishes to help people on their journey of self-discovery. Learn more about her at www.lookingwithintherapy.com

2 Responses to our present future

  1. Noch Noch | be me. be natural. May 9, 2012 at 8:11 am #

    I totally feel that. so many times we were put down in childhood, esp in the chinese culture where i’m from. i used to doubt myself so much, only now at 30 years of age do I realize how much an impact it’s had on me!
    noch noch

    • Sheila May 9, 2012 at 7:51 pm #

      I’m so glad to hear the past tense of doubt – “I used to doubt myself so much” – in your statement, Noch Noch. I agree, it is amazing how much of an impact it still has on us as adults. It is also inspiring to know that it doesn’t have to be the way we continue to live our lives – we can instead allow love to guide us from within and uncover our true beautiful nature. Thanks for your comment!