live life with no regrets

If there is one thing that I hate, that’s looking back at something I’ve done in the past and feel regret. After all, once it’s done, it’s done. Unless you can time travel, you will never be able to change your past actions. And if you let them, your regrets can eat you up alive.

This is why I try to be acutely aware of my actions “before” I embark on an important matter, or in dealing with people. The best way to live life with no regrets, is by making sure the decisions you make today are ethical, accountable and intuitive.

1. Be Ethical

Duality is a part of life, and there is always going to be a right and a wrong choice. Even though we can logically understand this concept, applying it in practice is not always that simple. We are often driven by our desires, our wants and likes, that make justifying an easy way out.

When this is the case, appeal to your ethics. Yes, you’ve got them. We all do, it’s an inherit part of being human. Even though we have them, we sometimes put them aside in order to achieve our goals. Well, this is what future regrets are made of. Think of the consequences and remain ethical.

2. Be Accountable

Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. Choose the right action because in the end, it will benefit more people, more often. Your principals are already there, you only have to set aside the ego and listen. Accountability is a great way to take responsibility for your actions. It is your answer to the higher self.

3. Be Intuitive

Sometimes, there is more than just one “right” way to do something. Both actions will be equally correct. When I am in doubt, I turn to my heart to make the final choice. Your heart is directly connected to the universal consciousness. Understanding the heart requires stillness of the breath and mind.

Basically, when you apply techniques to slow down the breath, your mind will naturally become quiet. Therefore allowing you to become more aware of sensations in your heart. By closely attuning with the heart you will receive the answer you seek.

4. Be Accepting

It’s possible that even when using the best ethical practices and intuition, someone can still get hurt, situations can still get out of hand. At best, you have control over yourself and your actions. Everything else is in God’s hands, a lesson that we learn over and over again.

Sometimes, you just need to accept that regardless of your good intentions, things can and will go wrong. You must accept that which has already happened. There is no sense in beating yourself up for something that is done.

In Conclusion

There was a time, when I would lie in bed, dwelling on the mistakes I’ve made in the past. I would experience every emotion in the book. I would get angry, bitter and sad. Obviously, I had no way of going back and changing a thing. One day, I got tired of feeling sorry for myself. I got tired of hitting my head against the wall…

That day I made a promise to myself, that if I am unable to change results of my past actions, I will learn to accept them and start  to live with no regrets. You can too. Trust that you did what you could, be it right or wrong. Now go and use what you’ve learned. A new opportunity to apply your lessons could be just around the corner.

Live well. Vlad

2 Responses to live life with no regrets

  1. Noch Noch December 27, 2011 at 2:01 am #

    one day i woke up and something stirred. i dont know what it was, but i started replying to the exploding email inbox. whilst replying, i suddenly had an urge to write to another friend. so i stopped mid track, and clicked “compose” and started typing away to a few girlfriends. as i rambled, i had to stop myself and read what i was writing: “…. only i can decide to live life and love it, it’s time i take responsibility for my actions and decisions now that my “depressed” self is more under control….”
    i hadn’t thought about it before. but accountability to ourselves, yes, so we don’t regret our own actions
    thanks Vlad – again. i love how your posts always speak to seomthing that’s on my mind
    Noch Noch

    • Vlad December 28, 2011 at 5:16 am #

      Glad to hear! Accountability is perhaps among the most difficult things that we can do. But by being brutally honest with ourself, we can learn so much. Life in general is a learning experience, so why not start by learning about the self? :-)

      Than you for visiting Noch!