why life is full of challenges

As you may have read in my recent post, I just went through a major change of plans. More specifically, I lost a significant source of my income. But apparently the Universe wasn’t done with me yet. In the days that followed, I contracted strep throat, got into a car accident, and was bit by a tick. Yes, life is full of challenges.

Was this a streak of bad luck? I don’t believe there is such a thing. I believe that from time to time, the Universe throws us a test, a challenge. It’s life’s way of reminding us that we’re still alive. To shake us out of our comfort zone, to force us to evolve a little more. To see how far we can stretch.

The challenges of life vary greatly. From a bad hair day, to stopping just short of a disaster. But no matter how horrible these challenges may be, they are a way for us to learn something new about ourselves. To grow and evolve as spiritual beings.

Imagine for a moment life devoid of any challenge. Just an effortless existence, one sunny day after next. No reason to strive for anything, accomplish anything, to learn or excel. This life would end just as it began, without a meaning. Without a purpose. What would be the point of this life?

True, we don’t always have a choice in what challenges we face. But perhaps that’s a part of the Divine plan. The unknown, the unexpected. This is what makes it a challenge. When life throws a challenge at you, remember that you’re still alive, and treat this challenge as an opportunity.

1. Breathe

Stop and breath. This one is essential. When life is a challenge, when you’re overwhelmed and stressed out, breathe. Intentional breathing will help you to calm down and center yourself. It will let you release the stress and allow you to focus. Breathing will bring you back to the present.

2. Let Negative Energy Pass

Sometimes, a painful challenge will create a buildup of negative energy associated with it. Rather than jumping in head first, allow the negative energy to pass. When I feel the presence of negative energy around me, I resort to an age old tradition of lighting up a candle and placing it next to a bowl of fresh water to clear it up.

You can also pray, meditate, exercise, do yoga, or just go for a long walk by yourself. Wait it out, until you feel that it’s safe to proceed. Without your resistance, the negative energy will naturally dissipate after a short time.

3. Do Your Best

When the time comes to take action, do the best you can. This means doing whatever you are naturally capable of, to resolve the situation. You can not do better than your best. Trust yourself. Do not second guess yourself. If you make the decisions from your heart, they will be the best ones under the circumstances. Remain positive.

4. The Test Will Pass

This is a test. This is life’s way of saying – if I throw this at you, what will you do? How will you react? Will you run away and hide, or will you exercise your resolve and make the best out of the situation? No matter what, it’s just a cycle, just a stage. And this test will pass.

In Conclusion

Reflect, reflect, reflect… Even before the challenge is resolved, think about why you were given this challenge. Often, it will make sense. It will be a natural correction in your life’s path. The challenges are given for a reason. The painful ones are those that we need the most to get us to that new chapter in life. Offer us a rebirth. To help us shed our skin, so we can grow it back shinier than ever!

Live well. Vlad

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