3 reasons to learn how to meditate

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Simpler Life Today is about learning how to find happiness in a purpose filled life. This is accomplished by eliminating the distractions in your life, therefore allowing you to experience the reality of your existence. This post is designed as a prelude to the meditation series. I suggest that you read this first, before diving into the specific meditation techniques.

Any step toward simplifying your life is a step in the right direction. But preferably, you should begin by creating purity and simplicity within yourself first. More particularly, this process starts within, in your own mind. That way, you don’t have to go very far! There has been much written about the benefits of meditation, probably because it is that effective and that important. Now let me tell you why I meditate, and how to start meditation practice you will enjoy.

1. Quiet Your Mind

We are inundated by a whirlpool of sensations. To live simply, we must be able to cut through all the noise and bring quietness to our minds. In most cases, meditation techniques accomplish this by focusing the mind on a single object. Don’t let the distractions deceive you. When the mind is quiet enough, the answers will lay in the stillness. Now, discover what is real.

2. Find What’s Real

Our life is only as complicated or as simple as our own mind that is filled with emotions, thoughts, desires, memories, hopes, fears, with our likes and dislikes. We become so embedded in these sensations that we mistaken them for reality. Meditation offers us the way out of this condition. Through meditation, we learn to separate that what is real from what is an illusion. We learn to detach ourselves from what is not real, and embrace the reality that shines within. Now you can proceed to open up.

3. Open Yourself to New Experience

We normally spend so much time reacting to our emotions, that we end up going through life on auto-pilot. We loose our awareness to the endless cycle of action and reaction. In meditation, as we increase our concentration, we spend less time in thought and more time experiencing the truth within ourselves. We open ourselves up to the true vibration of life. New opportunities are created for us and new events unfolded.

In Conclusion

These three short reasons may sound simple, but they contain ageless wisdom. I will further summarize them, as they apply to Simpler Life Today. In order to determine what kind of life you want to live, you must first identify your true purpose in this world. This can only be accomplished when you are no longer distracted by the myriad of sensations. You must then identify what is real, and that’s what matters the most. Only then, are you ready to embark on your new journey. All of this will take place in your mind, and will precede any outward action. Now you’re ready to begin.

Next, we will move on to explore two distinctly different, popular styles of meditation. They are concentration or tranquility meditation and insight or contemplation meditation. In these lessons you will learn how to meditate deeply, as you practice Zen and Vipassana meditation techniques. You will learn more about how meditation works, how to practice meditation and how to meditate effectively to achieve a happier, simpler life.

Live well. Vlad

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