is your passion from the heart – or compromised?

A guest post by Noch

I thought that after rediscovering that my passion is writing, actioning it thereafter would be a rainbow. I was mistaken.

Identifying your passion is one thing. Pursuing and implementing it is quite another. For in the process, I got compromised.

Shortly after I had my ah-ha moment “Yes! Writing is what I love to do!” I naively thought as long as I wrote I would be happy. It has been after all, seven years since this passion has been submerged beneath the realities of leading a corporate executive’s life. However, I was so mesmerized by the elation of my self-discovery that I lost sight of what it actually was.

So for the next few weeks, I wrote and wrote. I tried to expand my writing circle, and submitted articles and ideas for publication in magazines or other blogs and websites. Ideas got accepted and I started drafting. I pranced around with my computer.

Yet, something seemed to be missing from the black letters against a white background on my computer screen. Some sort of emptiness was staring back at me.

I chose to ignore it.

And so I submitted my article. It got rejected and sent back to me. I was devastated! What was wrong with my writing? I couldn’t quite pin point the issue and carried on writing again, blaming the small misfortune on luck.

A week ago, as I was about to submit another piece to an online magazine, I got quite nervous. I wasn’t very confident about the draft in front of me. I showed it to my fiancé. He had a quick look and replied in the email, “Noch, where’s your heart in this?”

Then it dawned on me, why for all these previous articles I had a tugging feeling inside whilst I proofread the drafts. The words were interwoven eloquently into sentences, and the writing followed all the guidelines given to me by the editors. However, I had become overly concerned with following the rules and second guessing what readers would want to read, that I had not written what my heart had told me to.

Fulfilling a market demand overshadowed my little voice inside.

I deleted the document and started all over again, thinking back to what gave me the inspiration in the first place. I closed my eyes and let my fingers dance freely on the computer keyboard, letting my heart guide my thoughts.

Eventually, I opened my eyes, and read what I wrote from beginning to the end. There was an indescribable sense of serenity as I finished reading. A feeling that, “ah, yes, that’s me.”

A release, a comfort, a peace.

This is what pursuing a passion is about, not just presenting empty actions (or words in my case), but letting it flow from within.

The result was the same, an article in a word document attached to an email to the editor. The outcome was drastically different. The editor accepted this revision – and I got a flurry of comments and emails from readers on how they resonate with my writing.

I think the editor felt my sincerity through my words, a passion from the heart. My fiancé chuckled to himself.

Identifying your passion is the first step. Keeping it pure is the challenge.

Declutter yourself, let your heart flow. The rest will follow.

About the Author

Noch Noch worked as an international executive for 7 years after graduation, travelling the world and living the life she dreamt of, or so she thought. After an episode in stress-related major depression and other illnesses 2 years ago, she is redefining the priorities in life. As she battles with depression, Noch Noch is now on a quest for clarity and self-awareness to be true to herself, jotting down her reflections at Be Me. Be Natural.

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