is carrot juice good for you?

Carrot juice is my “health” topic for today. Over the years, the juicing fads have come and gone, and came back again. Indisputably, we greatly benefit from fruit and vegetables in our diet. Carrots have always been one of my favorite veggies. But, is carrot juice good for you, and what about juicing in general?

Is Juicing Good for You?

The advocates of juicing say that in our daily diets we just don’t get enough of the necessary vitamins and minerals for optimum health. And while it’s unlikely that we can consume enough of the whole raw vegetable, we can definitely make up for it with juicing. Whether a fact or a fad,  we can be assured that juicing can only help us in our quest for a better health and a higher quality of life.

What Is Carrot Juice Good For?

Carrots are very nutrient rich. The healing benefits of carrots were discovered in ancient European civilizations in the Mediterranean regions. Early Greeks used carrots and carrot juice as a cleanser and a tonic for constipation and healing.

One of the many benefits of carrot juice is the detoxification of the liver, particularly in the home treatment of jaundice. Jaundice occurs when excessive levels of bilirubin build up in the blood. Liver disease, over production of bilirubin, inflammation of bile ducts are some of the common causes of jaundice. When the liver is not able to effectively remove the bilirubin from the blood, the person’s skin and eyes turn a yellowish pigment.

What’s Inside the Carrot?

In many parts of the world, carrots are still the leading source of beta carotene. Beta carotene is responsible for forming vitamin A. Vitamin A benefits the body in many different ways such as promoting growth and preventing skin and eye dryness. It provides resistance to bacterial infections, and maintains healthy digestive and urinary tracks.

Carrots contain vitamins B, C, D, E and K and minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorous and a plethora of micro-nutrients. Carotene is also an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. Without getting too scientific, there’s obviously a lot of good stuff in them! Now what about the juicing part?

More Carrot Juice Benefits

Once you’ve exhausted your solid carrot recipes, or simply wish to try a new juice alternative, you may wish to consider juicing. Carrot juice provides the same nutrition as the whole vegetable. You can usually consume more of the carrot juice than you would of the whole carrots.

It is however believed that juicing removes the valuable roughage from the whole vegetable. This is because your body needs fiber rich foods for proper digestion. I recommend that if you are planning to juice the carrots, supplement the juice with a daily intake of fiber rich foods such as grains, fresh fruit and vegetables.

So the answer is a definite a yes! Carrot juice is very good for you. It also tastes great and very refreshing when chilled. You will need approximately one pound of carrots to produce six to eight ounce of juice.

Mixing with Other Juices

Many experts believe that by mixing carrot juice with juices from other vegetables significantly increases their therapeutic effect. Mixing carrot, celery and beet root juices for example, makes for a great cleanser tonic for constipation and overall health.

By combining carrots with spinach, you get a relaxation and sleeping remedy. Carrot juice is highly recommended for children and pregnant women. Because of the high amounts of vitamins, it’s very good for fetus development.

Because it’s high in natural sugar, children enjoy carrot juice for its great taste. Conveniently, it also provides high doses of vitamins needed for the young bodies for fighting off colds and flues.

In Conclusion

Even though lots of vitamins are available in artificial form, consuming them in their natural vegetable state makes them much healthier and easier to absorb. Consistency is very important for optimum cleansing and health benefits. I say “drink a glass of juice everyday!”

Nothing beats a healthy, delicious refreshing cold glass of fresh carrot juice. Around where I live, there are many Mexican  restaurants that are glad to make some juice for me. It goes well with many different foods or just by itself.

Live well. Vlad

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