how to reach your full potential in life

If you ever wondered how to reach your full potential in life, read on. Spoiler: reaching your potential works by aligning yourself with the purpose for which you were made. Let’s step back and take a look at the big picture. To understand your purpose, we need to address your spiritual evolution. What exactly does it mean? You and I, and everyone else are on a spiritual journey. And while this journey has a general purpose, it also holds individual meaning to each one of us.

Simply put, the general purpose is to achieve self awareness. The self awareness leads to self liberation. Liberation from the illusion that we’re all separate beings. That everything is separate from everything else. Because in essence, we are all one and the same. Now it‘s one thing to believe, hypothesise or rationalize about this concept, and entirely different to experience it first hand. This experience only comes from self awareness.

On the individual level, we all have our unique purpose that we’re destined to experience. This experience is exactly what’s required at this time in our lives, based on the level of our spiritual evolution. Our personal spiritual roadmap if you will. The irony of this, is that many of us spend lifetimes, resisting this purpose. We find reasons for putting it off, justifying why we aren’t ready to face it. We follow every possible scenario, instead of the one that we were meant to follow.

This creates two main issues. The first and the obvious one is that it holds us back from evolving further. It keeps us at an idle, chasing our tails while moving nowhere. The second issue is that resisting our destiny creates various internal and external conflicts in our lives. You know, when something just doesn’t feel right. When we know that there is more to life, the nagging feeling that this isn’t the life you were meant to have, etc. Well, it’s all true!

There are many factors why people stray from their destiny. These are social and peer pressures, economic and financial decisions, and so on. In essence we place ourselves in the position of self betrayal. Betraying our birthright to follow our destiny. This self-betrayal often leads to unhappiness, depression, insecurities, illnesses, substance abuse, and so on. It is detrimental to our well being.

Re-aligning ourselves with destiny requires discovering and following our passion. It’s often a challenging process, one that’s full of sacrifice and self discovery. But this is a good thing! It rewards us with happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction. Also, we are much more likely to realise our full potential once we’re on this path. Reaching our full potential is only possible while living a purpose filled life. The life that we were destined to live.

So now that we’ve established the relationship between our potential and passion, let’s take it one step further. I will go out on a limb to say that you already know what your passion in life is. You may not have all of the details worked out, but you know quite well what you like and dislike about your life. The goal is to consciously identify the key points of your preferences. Separate activities, events, places and people that make you feel complete and happy, from those that do not.

In essence, by identifying and following that which gives you joy, you’re placing your life in alignment with your purpose. And that leads you to your destiny. There are other factors involved, such as practicing activities that serve and help other people. Spreading positive energy, love and compassion in your daily lives. If you think this is an overly simplified description, you are right. But the truth need not to be complicated. It is the simplest answer that’s most often the correct one.

And when you follow your passion, you will be at the apex of your game. You will be able to reach your full potential in everything that you choose to do. Life will become more meaningful and you will find that you’re more enthusiastic and satisfied from everything you attempt. This is simply impossible to achieve, if you’re denying yourself your life’s purpose. This is why potential is a derivative of purpose.

You can now use this information to choose which direction to take. You can either shelve it, or make a point to embark on a course of discovery of the self, and of your life’s purpose. I can guarantee that if you do nothing, nothing will happen in return. I can also promise that whatever small steps you’re willing to take towards finding your passion, will reward you well beyond your expectations!

Live well, Vlad

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