holistic approach: how to overcome stress in life

It is unfortunate that even though this can be a wonderful world, it often brings stress and anxiety to our lives. How to overcome stress and anxiety has been a much discussed subject as the modern life presents us with more and more challenges. So let’s examine the definition of emotional stress.

The definition of stress is the way a person responds to internal or external stressors, such as real or imagined stressful situations. Stress may be short term or chronic, depending on the situation. The effects of stress are wide, with potential impact to every system in the body. As far as the stress symptoms, they include but not limited to, nervousness, anxiety, mood swings and depression. No two individuals will have the same reaction in an identical stressful situation.

But what about overcoming stress, and preparing yourself to calmly and efficiently handle it in the future? What tools do we have available to us? Well, other than the use of synthetic medication, vastly more desirable way to overcome stress is through effective, natural, time proven stress management techniques. Some of which date back many thousands of years. I am referring to the ancient philosophies of meditation and yoga.

Modern medicine and science agree that the practice of meditation and yoga have proven to be an extremely effective natural stress reduction techniques. Many people associate the practice of meditation with religious connotations, and rightly so. Meditation has been a part of religious and spiritual practices for eons. In my humble opinion, spirituality will tremendously enhance the practice of meditation, or any other endeavor for that matter.

However, in order to achieve your goal of stress management, it is sufficient to establish a regular 15 to 30 minute daily routine in any of the classic meditation techniques such as Japa, Zen or Vipassana, without necessarily engaging in the spiritual aspect of the practice. Ideally, professional instruction is recommended, but many fine information sources are available such as the ones above.

Yoga speaks for itself, serving as a tremendous exercise, literally rejuvenating the mind and the body and is an excellent stress reliever. Many excellent schools of yoga are abound, such as Hatha, Raja and Bikram Yoga. Personal needs and tastes will determine the best style for you.

The above tips for overcoming a stressful life, are especially effective when combined with proper rest, well balanced diet and moderate regular exercise. I encourage you to consult additional resources on how to overcome stress naturally in order to deepen your understanding of this important subject and enjoy a stress free life.

Live Well. Vlad

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