how to make the right decision every time by following your heart

Decisions, decisions! Modern life presents us with the never ending array of decisions and choices. This has become the norm, one that we deal with repeatedly each day. The decisions vary greatly, from what shoes to put on in the morning, to something much more important, such as career or relationship choices.

When we have sufficient time to prepare ourselves, we have the advantage of weighing out the odds and assessing the possible outcomes. Unfortunately, our decisions must often be made quickly and without advance warning or without the luxury of preparation.

So, how to make a decision? More importantly, how to make the right decision? There are lots of decision making techniques. From sophisticated decision making models to something as simple as flipping a coin! What makes a decision the right, or a good decision? Based on spiritual philosophies the right decision is the decision that aligns our will, with the will of God, or the “greater power” if you prefer.

We know that the universe is the ultimate manifestation of God’s will. Our own desires and wishes on the other hand, are solely based on our personal perspectives, such as our likes and dislikes. Ultimately, we do not have the wisdom to know if our own choices will be better for our lives in the long run.

Just as we don’t know or understand the will of God, or why things develop the way they do. On the surface, we may find the divine plan to be cruel or illogical. But often in retrospect, we recognize that they were the best decisions for us, and for our life under the circumstances.

I want you to entertain the idea that you are capable of making the correct decision each and every time. This 3 step process requires your self-awareness and discipline. I invite you to experiment with this concept and let me know if it works for you.

1. Don’t Let Your Mind Decide

Whenever we are faced with making a decision, the mind automatically jumps in and offers us the “logical” solution. It calculates and reasons. The mind is designed to analyze the situation based on our knowledge and life’s experience. Not unlike the computer, it processes the information, matching it to what we know to be true, and spits out the answers.

2. Don’t Let Your Ego Decide

The ego looks at your likes and dislikes. It assumes that it is at the center of the universe. When the ego likes something, it has to posses it. If it assumes something to be true, then it must be right. Bow down to the ego or be destroyed! (Well, that’s an extreme example, may be my own ego talking). In any case, please don’t let your ego make the decisions for you. The ego is not concerned with anything else but itself.

3. Listen to Your Heart

On the other hand, your heart is the receiver. It is the radar for the divine message. The attuned heart picks up the vibration of the cosmos. Even if you don’t believe in this explanation, even now in your heart you know it to be true. The heart does not lie. Period.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and focus your attention on the heart. Feel it’s warmth in your chest. It is so much more than just an organ to pump the blood. Listen to the reaction in your heart as you repeat the questions. One answer will trump all others. Repeat the questions to confirm the heart’s reaction. This is called listening to the heart.

When we listen to our heart, we instinctively sense the correct answer. There will “always” be the correct answer. Not in the mind or the ego, but in the heart. Our job is to allow ourselves to hear that answer and to understand the message it holds.

In Conclusion

Even when deciding between two very similar paths, one will always stand out as the right choice. It may not be the choice that we prefer intellectually or logically. It may not be the choice that our ego likes or accepts. However, it will be the choice that benefits us spiritually and karmically.

It is the answer that aligns our will with the divine. Not every time, but often the spiritually correct endeavor will flow more harmoniously and be more effortless in execution. Even if going against the odds, the divine plan will unfold in your favor. It will open up the doors that may otherwise be impenetrable.

The decisions we make today, the choices that we select, are shaping our lives. They determine the following steps, the next chapter of our destiny. Making the right decision today, brings us closer to the life we are meant to live. Let your heart guide you forward.

Live well. Vlad

2 Responses to how to make the right decision every time by following your heart

  1. Steve Marquez November 9, 2011 at 6:53 am #

    Lovely post Vlad and so true. I too find that by listening to my heart, rather than my ego and/or my mind, I can align my choices and decisions with the Universe, and that’s a wonderful place to be.


    • Vlad November 9, 2011 at 6:31 pm #

      Glad you enjoyed the post Steve. I think that the key here is not to get distracted by all of the external stimulation that can be perceived as the correct answer, when it’s not.