how to deal with fear

Originally, fear was designed as our inherent mechanism for self preservation. Fear worked well to protect us from physical harm, such as being devoured by a saber tooth tiger. But when fear blocks us from achieving our goals, or having a quality life, it must be addressed. Here is how to deal with fear on your own terms.

Have you ever lay awake in the middle of the night, with a nagging worry, concern or fear? I have. I’ve stayed up for hours mulling it over and over. Without any real logic or a solution. After waking up the next morning, feeling exhausted, that same fear seemed trivial at best.

I became very tired of exerting so much energy on the thoughts of fear. I’ve also witnessed how time and time again, these fears would fizzle out once touched by reality. I came to the same conclusion that people came to for the past thousands of years. Fear is an illusion.

The fear itself, represents no danger to you. Fear is nothing more than a chemical reaction in the brain. The common cause of fear is the unknown. Being unprepared to deal with the unknown, or a partially unknown outcome is the essence of fear. This apprehension toward the unknown is quite natural.

I’ve found that an effective way to deal with fear, is by accepting the unknown. I would even go as far as to suggest that you embrace it. Unknown does not present a danger. By definition, it is not known. It can even turn out great. It can bring you everything you’ve dreamed of. Unknown is the birthplace of all possibilities.

When dealing with fear, I prefer a simple approach. Rather than look at each fear individually, I place all fears under one general umbrella. Then, I assign an affirmation for that umbrella: “I am not afraid anymore”. Perhaps this is a bold statement to make, but in doing so, it really summarizes my intentions.

Whenever a new fear crosses my mind, I am prepared for it with my affirmation. I don’t bother to examine or categorize it. I am not afraid, I’d say to myself. It isn’t real. It’s just a chemical reaction. That’s it. I then move on to more productive thoughts. The following are three awesome facts that I use as reminders. Revisit them as often as you wish.

Fear is an Illusion

Just because you are afraid of a certain outcome, does not make it come true. In fact, 99% of all of our fears never happens. Sadly, we spend so much time dwelling on them. Taking the head on approach is best to render your fears harmless. You see, once you face your fear, chances are it will disappear.

Fear is Temporary

Remember your childhood fears? Do you still have any of them left? Probably not. No matter how horrible and real they once seemed, they dissipated. Nothing is forever. What’s the worst possible thing that can happen? Whatever this terrible thing that’s outside of your control is, it too shall pass.

Fear to Faith

Doesn’t really matter how serious your worries seem to you today. Or even how scary the unknown may be. Because eventually, every unknown, will be known. Every uncertainty, in time will become a certainty. Armed with faith, you will witness the worries that trouble you today, come to pass tomorrow. And that’s a guarantee.

In Conclusion

Fear has a bad reputation, but it would be unfair not to list its one useful application. Fear can be a great motivator. The one time I don’t mind resorting to fear, is for self motivation. If I notice that I’m losing enthusiasm for something important to me, I remind myself of everything I stand to lose if I remain lazy. You’re in charge, use it as it serves your purpose.

Live well. Vlad

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