how to deal with arrogant people

No one enjoys dealing with arrogant people. But often, you don’t have a choice. Arrogant people are a part of life. Dealing with them effectively is possible if you know how. As with all other things, gaining understanding is the best place to start.

By understanding what causes someone to be arrogant, you will gain the insight of who they really are. You will see what they’re trying to mask with their arrogance. You will understand what makes them hurt. You may develop compassion to better deal with them.

Causes of Arrogance

Arrogance is caused by insecurities and low self esteem. It’s a behavior people resort to, in order to cover up their feelings of inferiority. They wish to come off as very secure and well liked. And they don’t want to have anyone challenge them as they don’t do well with criticism.

Arrogant people are driven by the need for approval. When they express themselves in a bullying fashion, they are looking for validation from themselves and others. When they don’t receive it, they feel threatened and insecure. If you’re interested to know how to deal with arrogant people, read on.

1. Have Good Self Esteem

Having good self esteem will help you to deal with arrogant people. Whether your goal is to befriend, or to keep an arrogant person at a distance, good self esteem will protect you from getting hurt by them. Stay firm in your believes and principals.

2. Get Along

Arrogant people are still people. Sometimes, choosing to get along with them is the wisest path. Getting along with an arrogant person is usually quiet simple. All you have to do is accept them for who they are and agree with their point of view. Complimenting an arrogant person will go a long way as they thrive on recognition, compliments and approval.

3. Keep the Distance

On the other hand, keeping them at a distance will require that you honestly express your position to them. Do not let them think they are superior to you. Also, by simply avoiding giving them your approval and attention, you will cause them to stay away.

This also applies to keeping away from a confrontation. If you see that your encounter with an arrogant person is digressing, don’t let it escalate into a fight. It’s unhealthy, and will not resolve the issue. Getting away from this situation will let you regroup and rethink your approach for the future.

4. Find Humor

It’s important to keep things in perspective when dealing with arrogance. Looking at your encounter with a good sense of humor will often let both parties relax and enjoy the moment. Don’t get caught up in the battle of egos. This won’t accomplish anything.

In Conclusion

It’s good to keep in mind that most arrogant people aren’t arrogant by choice. It’s a defense mechanism they learned to use for self preservation. Something in their past is keeping them on guard. They may have fears or pains stemming from their childhood. Working out their past will greatly improve their personality.

If you care about the person, suggest they resolve their issues themselves or by seeking counseling. Everyone will benefit from peaceful and harmonious relationships and interactions. After all, we’re all on the same side!

Live well. Vlad

4 Responses to how to deal with arrogant people

  1. motivationMY February 4, 2012 at 2:31 pm #

    Thank you for this wonderful tip. As someone in the media industry, I sometimes do meet arrogant people but I usually don’t take things personally because as mentioned in your article, arrogant people suffer from low self esteem and they somehow need some validation. We can’t change them but we just have to adapt and adjust when hanging around them!

    Thank you for this post!

  2. Vlad February 4, 2012 at 8:08 pm #

    Hi, thanks for stopping by. I can only imagine some of the egos in the media and entertainment industry! You’ve got the right attitude though, don’t let their issues affect your peace!

    Take care! Vlad

  3. Phiwe June 27, 2012 at 10:54 am #

    I was facing this problem with my collegue 3 years ago. She did not win the battle because I was avoiding her where ever I meet. Eventually she was avoiding me.


    Informative post

    • Vlad Rapoport June 27, 2012 at 7:00 pm #

      Hi Phiwe,

      That’s certainly one way to do it! Glad you enjoyed the post.