how to cure anxiety naturally using supplements and meditation

If you are familiar with my story, you know that for years I lived a very stressful life. It was far from simple. Anxiety was like an old friend to me, always close by, ready for a visit. I did not have much of a choice as it struck without a warning. At an onset of my anxiety attacks, my heart pounded, my palms got sweaty and I would often experienced dizziness and vertigo. Handling my anxiety, allowed me to fully focus on what was really important in my life. This is why I am compelled to address this condition and offer you several treatment methods that helped me to finally become anxiety free.

Anxiety Causes

The triggers of anxiety attacks vary by individual, but generally are caused by one or a combination of the following. Heredity, significant life changes, stressful situations, stimulants such as caffeine, various fears, prescription and non prescriptive substance withdrawal such as from medication, alcohol, tobacco and a serious or chronic illness.

Anxiety and Panic Attack Symptoms

These are some of the symptoms that plague millions of people experiencing anxiety every day. Anxiety attack, or panic attack as it is also referred to, is a body’s natural reaction to stress, fear and anger, and are a response of the Sympathetic nervous system. Many people who have it for the first time may think that they are dying or having a heart attack. I know I did.

The actual Physiological process of an anxiety attack goes like this. In a response to an unprovoked fear, the body prepares for the fight or flight response by releasing adrenaline into the blood. This leads to rapid heart rate and rapid breathing which causes hyperventilation. But because physical activity usually does not occur, it leads to the contraction of the blood vessels which restricts the blood flow to the head. This in turn can cause lightheadedness, dizziness and tingling sensations.

How to Cure Anxiety Holistically

The method that finally helped me to get rid of my anxiety attacks, was a holistic approach, which seems to be the best cure for anxiety. A complete treatment plan utilizing a combination of different methods to address all aspects of life. It included healthy lifestyle changes, regular exercise, natural supplements and a healthy diet plan. Here is a detailed list.

Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety and Depression

For many centuries, people all over the world turned to natural remedies to heal themselves. There is proof that in China for example, natural herbs were made into tonics to address a plethora of symptoms for thousand of years, a practice that continues to this day. Modern natural supplements are thoroughly studied for their healing properties and prepared in pharmaceutical environments.

Today, there is a number of excellent brands of homeopathic remedies for stress and anxiety relief available to reduce or eliminate many of anxiety and depression symptoms. They work by naturally and safely balancing biochemicals such as Dopamine, Norepinephrine, GABA and Serotonin in the brain, therefore creating a sense of calmness and well being. Also, homeopathic remedies for anxiety in children are preferable to prescription medication that may have negative side effects.

Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety Attacks

There is substantial research showing the effectiveness of yoga and meditation techniques for reducing anxiety. Relaxation and breathing techniques such as those offered through yoga and meditation naturally reduce anxiety by concentrating your attention on a single object or a goal. This in turn creates a state of deep relaxation and calmness. It also conditions us to be more aware of our emotions and attitudes. In general meditation practice can be described as a practice of letting go. Letting go of the bondage of your stresses, emotions and thoughts. There are many different versions of meditation and yoga teachings available to choose from. Here are some of the more famous ones. For meditation I recommend trying Japa, Vipassana or Zen. And for yoga, Hatha, Bikram and Raja are excellent choices. It comes down to personal preference and whatever you will stick to the most. So experiment away!

Physical Activity for Anxiety Relief

A program of daily physical activity is essential for your general health. Thirty minutes a day of cardiovascular and light weight training workout will reduce your anxiety and provide overall conditioning for your health. Regular exercise will greatly boost your overall health as well as you mood. Virtually all body systems benefit from physical activity, which will result in a greater quality of life. Thus, allowing you to spend more time and energy on essential aspects of your life. You can choose to attend a gym, or exercise on your own, with a friend or an instructor. Staying healthy does not have to cost a lot, there are a lot of activities that you can select from, starting with one of the best – walking. So use your imagination.

Proper Diet for Your Mind and Overall Health

You will benefit greatly by simply improving your eating habits. Adjust what and how you eat based on your specific needs. Proper diet will improve your weight, control cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. Your physician can provide you with the basic information and a good dietitian can help you customize a complete food plan. By improving your overall health, the anxiety symptoms will naturally improve as well. There is a wealth of information available online for giving you ideas and tips on healthy eating.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, what makes a holistic treatment the best natural cure for anxiety is the fact that it consists of a combination of many different methods and factors. This makes it superior to any individual method. Also, try not to settle for prescription medication when addressing anxiety. While effective in getting rid of some of the symptoms, prescription drugs have countless side effects that may create other health issues. I suffered myself, but in the end, I found and practiced the methods that worked for me. Always focus on the bigger picture of your overall well-being and and enjoy living a simpler life today.

Live well. Vlad

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