1. Happiness is synonymous with self-discovery. Everyone has a purpose in this life, including you.

This guide provides you with the tools and techniques necessary to discover your destiny. Discover how to live a life of peace, passion, purpose and happiness.

2. Happiness for Humans is designed to take you beyond your excuses, procrastination and worries.

You’ll be able to fully embrace your brilliance, be in charge of your own life, and go far beyond what you think is possible.

3. Happiness for Humans is written with practical hands-on advice, that you can start applying to your life immediately.

“Everything on these pages is real, and all advice has been tested and successfully applied. Now it’s your turn.”

4. This guide offers instruction on how to stop denying yourself who you are, and why you’re here.

How to move past your insecurities, fears, self-doubts and self destructive behaviors. How to be positive about your future, no matter what’s going on around you.

5. Happiness for Humans features completely original material.

This eBook is not a compilation or a rewrite of existing posts. It features original concepts, ideas and instructions.

6. Portion of proceeds from the sale of Happiness for Humans goes to GlobalGiving.

Global Giving is a non-profit online organization connecting donors with grassroots projects in the developing world. They educate children, feed the hungry, build houses, train women and men with job skills, plus hundreds of other amazing projects.

7. The eBook is beautifully designed. No expense was spared to create a top quality digital product.

Designed by a professional graphic arts designer, this eBook will make an attractive addition to any digital library.

8. The eBook comes in three popular formats: PDF, MOBI and ePub so you can read it on a number of devices.

Whether you enjoy reading on your iPad, Kindle, your computer or some other cool device, you will be able to read Happiness for Humans with ease.


My name is Vlad Rapoport and I am the founder of Simpler Life Today. I grew up in the US, after immigrating with my family from Russia. I’ve lived in California ever since. When I was growing up, my life was not much different from any other ordinary kid.


As I grew older, I followed in the footsteps of millions of other humans who live in denial of their true purpose. This led me to suffering. I suffered because what I thought was my life, was a lie. What I thought I was supposed to do was an illusion. My life was anything but purpose-filled.


Feeling trapped and depressed, I became miserable and angry. I sensed that there should be so much more to my life, and yet it was always just outside my reach. My problems came to culmination, when while on a short vacation to Mexico, I proclaimed to myself that I refuse to go back to the life I was living.


In utter desperation, I received a revelation of what had to be done. I accepted several major difficult decisions, and set out to change my life forever. I realized, and was finally able to embrace my life’s purpose. I learned to sacrifice in order to follow my destiny. It isn’t an easy process, and I don’t claim to be perfect at it. But I’ll tell you that it is certainly worth every effort.


I see Simpler Life Today as a personal development community blog. I believe we can all contribute and learn from one another on our search for meaning, for our purpose and our destiny. This eBook is a reflection of my work, my thoughts and beliefs of the past several years. I hope you enjoy it!


Also, I offer a full money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can reach me at: vlad(AT)simplerlifetoday(DOT)com.