get the life you want

Having the life you want, is synonymous with happiness. Clearly no one would consider choosing a life that makes them feel bad. Obviously what makes you happy, is going to be different from what makes me happy. And if you’re wondering how to get the life you want, keep in mind that while no two people’s idea of happiness will be completely the same, all may follow the same fundamental principles to achieve it.

I was talking to a friend about how different life is now for our kids, than it was for us. It seems the modern world presents evermore evaluations that need to be considered when choosing careers and lifestyles. In addition, we are a society constantly processing more and more information. Life is moving at a neck breaking speed.

When I was starting out in life, things seemed simpler. You get an education, find a decent job to pay the bills, and be happy. This applied even more so to my parents. We didn’t think too much past that. Today, when making our choices, we must consider so much more. Things such as social and political repercussions that affect every decision that needs to be made.

Understand Yourself

Happiness doesn’t come from more information. Take a step back to refocus your attention from the external to the internal factors. The starting point of any decision or change, is self awareness. Understand who you are, and what happiness means to you.

One way to accomplish this understanding is through self reflection. Take some time off your busy schedule and spend a bit of time in solitude. Try to practice short periods of solitude each day. Preferably, spend it in silence without external distraction.

In this reflection, by spending time alone, you can gain greater insight into yourself. The self, which is not your job title, your family name, or your social status. I am referring to your permanent, unchanging self. Who you are now, who you’ve always been and who you will remain in the future.

Understand What You Want

Once you develop a greater understanding of yourself, it will be much easier for you to see what you want from life. More accurately, that which you do not want, will gradually drop off, exposing only that, which is most dear to you. Now take this abstract feeling, and summarize it in practical terms. See how it can be applied to your life.

Be Happy With Yourself

Irregardless of who you are or what you’re doing, love yourself! Loving yourself, is essential to living the life you want. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve accomplished, if you’re unhappy with yourself, you will not be lasting satisfaction. What’s more, having a good relationship with yourself, will bring you that much closer to living a happy existence.

Set Realistic Goals

There is nothing wrong with dreaming big. In fact, it can be argued that having great inspirations is the key to success. At the same time, it’s important to maintain a realistic perspective when planning out your goals. You know your abilities best. Pace yourself so as not to become too stressed out and overworked. Live the life you want right now, today.

Be Content With What You Have

We eventually learn, that our desires have no limits. Chasing these desires becomes a futile job, that does not bring us any closer to finding the life we want. Our contentment is directly proportionate to our wishes. Learning how to appreciate what you already have, is a skill much more valuable, than identifying evernew desires to pursue.

In Conclusion

Having the life you want is a skill. It is not based on any social benchmark, but one that you create for yourself. While one person may struggle a lifetime, in search of the life they want, another can live that life right now, without any additional resources. Cultivate contentment now, while taking the necessary steps toward your goals.

Live well. Vlad

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