how to have faith in god

Faith in God is a serious subject. I don’t want to offend anyone, or to come off as an expert. I am just a man who believes. I try to live a spiritual life, and I know that without belief life can be an empty place. God is many names and many faces, but no matter how you think of God, he already loves you. And whether or not you believe in him, he believes in you. This is a good place to begin. This way you know that you can not fail.

Discovering God

Before we explore how to pray to God, let’s first take a look at why pray to God, or why pray at all for that matter. Traditional religion tells us that praying is mandatory for our salvation. Spiritually speaking however, in it’s purest form prayer is about communication with the Divine. Aside from the conventional reasons such as the Sunday school or family upbringing, it is the desire to reach out and address something that is greater than yourself.

Praying represents a conscious effort to unite with the infinite. It can be an atheist’s last ditch effort of finding hope, or a confirmation of a lifelong relationship with the cosmic creator by a true believer. Ideally we pray not because someone tells us that we have to, but because we need to. Prayer should be our daily gratitude for the life that we have, our support at the time of need, and our reminder that we are never alone, but in fact ever united with the greater power.

How to Pray to God

Technically, praying to God can range from a casual internal conversation to an intricate formal process involving many traditional steps. If you have never prayed before or if you haven’t prayed for a long time, it is never too late to love God and learn how to pray to God effectively. You may already have a preference for a particular spiritual or religious path, otherwise research and experiment until you find the method that feels right to you. You will know when you have found it. Eastern philosophies suggest that there are as many ways to pray as there are people.

Initially, learning how to pray to God for help or learning how to pray to God for healing, is secondary as you are trying to establish a spiritual connection. This is more important than a particular method or quantity. Once you have an established practice, you can gradually introduce specific prayer topics into your routine. So begin slowly, ease yourself into this practice and allow it to grow over time. You can practice by yourself, or join a place of worship where the combined energy from prayer can be felt by everyone. There you can also communicate with other people who are on a similar path as you. And just like anything else, you’ll get better with practice, so keep going.

Personally, I prefer a non-verbal prayer in the form of meditation. Meditation is a non denominational practice and therefore can be practiced by anyone without the concern of offending any particular religious preference. Different forms of meditation have been around for a millennium. The value of meditation comes from the various techniques for quieting the mind thus opening yourself up to the presence of God. Here is how it works, we are unable to make the mind stop thinking completely. Instead, the meditation is used to focus the mind on just one particular thing. This can be an object, our breath, a mental image, or a certain sound or words.

Some forms of meditation focus on the thoughts of the practitioner. No matter which method you practice, by focusing your mind on one single object, you will allow yourself to rest from the never ending waives of thoughts and emotions that your mind constantly generates. It’s like the never ending noise. This in turn leads to a mental and spiritual clarity and an overall sensation of calmness and peace. When the mind is at rest, wonderful experiences and revelations present themselves. Experiences that have been described as God communion, sensations of bliss and divine love.

Further Developing Your Faith

Further developing and build your faith in God, should occur naturally. The more time you spend on prayer, meditation or other forms of contemplation of God, the stronger your faith will become. Your practice will mature over time. In your communication, ask God to show you how to love God more. You will find that you are being guided to the answers. Communication with the divine works both ways.

You can ask questions and receive answers, you can offer God your thoughts, your emotions, your love and your self, and God will accept it all, guiding you further. The important part is to be tuned into him so that his answers can be heard. Sometimes God will speak very quietly, almost impossible to hear. Other times his communication to you will be unmistakably loud. A friend said to me once, when God speaks to you, you will know.

In Conclusion

Learning how to pray to God will bring transformation into your life. Learning about yourself through spirituality is an essential part of personal growth. It requires time and patience but in the end, the rewards are worth it! I encourage you to practice praying to God, in order to fully experience the bliss that can only come from God’s love.

Live well. Vlad

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